Category: AGM 30/11/18

Officers voted in en bloc – Keith Townsend – Chair, Vice Chair – Alan Stone, Treasurer -Nicola Stone, Secretary – Pauline Townsend
Committee voted in en bloc – as above and including Paula Rose – events co-ordinator, Pam Smith – Membership Secretary, Katy Layer, Sharon Cottingham and Zoe Cornford.

European Market Weekend in Gournay – here we come – taking over English Cheddar, Lemon Curd, Marmalade, Kipling pies and cooking bacon baps!

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2015 Jan Newsletter

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We have a new Youth Committee Members

At our 2014 Annual General Meeting it was voted that we should accept three youth committee members onto the Twinning Committee.

Our Twinning Association has strong links with the youth of Hailsham and the Youth Council. Many young people join …